A&V Studios

We are as thrilled as you are about your wedding day. It means so much to us and that is why we have made our company all about you – Client focused.

Based off the Philippines in 2012, A&V Studios is one of the fastest growing photography and Videography Company in the UK. We have since recognized the need to provide our customers with not just a photo service but capture emotions in every pixel. We relish every opportunity to highlight beautiful scenes of love and joy, reflective and intimate moments in our videography.

As a group of dedicated film and photo artists, we want to actively take part in documenting your precious moments and love stories. We believe that every detail is important and that every story is worth sharing. We value the trust of our client base gives us and we go the extra mile to surpass your expectations. That is the A&V promise and brand.

We are not going to say much about A&V at this point as it is all about YOU!


It is your day!

We know there are a bunch of photographers out there who believe a day like this is meant to throw their brand in the face of your guests! We prefer to craft a beautiful story of your wedding with minimal interference.

Our professionals are courteous and polite, calm and collected and are trained to be in the right place per time to make sure those gone-in-second moments never pass them by.

We welcome some planning before the big day to ensure a stress-free day. With our robust experience of photography in all weathers and seasons, we will plan your event together to ensure the least of your guest is part of your love story.